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New York Comic Con report [Feb. 26th, 2006|04:50 pm]
John R. Platt
Okay, the con...

Not very well organized, hideously over-attended (6,000+ waiting outside hoping to get in), waaaay too small a space, and no way to leave if you ever wanted to come back inside.

Still, it's nice to note that the book trade really supported the show, with booths from Abrams, Pantheon, Del Rey, DK, and quite a few others. King Features Syndicate and its cartoonists were well represented. I picked up some cool pieces of artwork, had fun conversations with folks like Dan Piraro of "Bizarro" fame, met up with a few friends, and sweated off about nine pounds. So I guess it wasn't all bad.

But I still could have done without the crowds.

[User Picture]From: bobhowe
2006-02-27 03:16 am (UTC)
I was wondering whether you got in. The Daily News had a story about the con, Shut-out comics fans cry #%&#!.
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[User Picture]From: plattcave
2006-02-27 11:43 pm (UTC)
Great headline!
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