New directions, new blog

After an amazing TEN-PLUS YEARS on LiveJournal, I have decided to move this blog and start fresh.

You can find the new Platt Stuff blog over here. Come on over and follow me.

Don't worry, I won't abandon LJ completely. But from now on, the main focus of my blogging will be elsewhere.

(Of course, it still won't be frequent blogging. But it will be somewhat different, and that's why I'm making the break.)

Be seeing you!

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Big Announcement: Die Laughing Redux!

Ready for some awesome news? My 2002 short-story collection DIE LAUGHING is available once again, this time in e-book format for the Kindle!

I'm still really proud of this book, and I think it holds up pretty well. There are some great stories and poems inside, if I do say so myself. 

I have modest hopes for the e-book edition. If I sell a few copies, I'll be happy. But this is a tentative first step back into the fiction world. We'll see if this inspires me to start writing again.

In any case, I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh, and let me know what you think of the cover! I think it's a vast improvement over the zombie clown of the first edition.

Die Laughing Cover

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Catching up on the linkage

Whooo-boy am I running behind! I have lots and lots of new writing to do, but for those of you paying attention, here are links to the last two of three weeks worth of articles.

LIFE IN AMERICA: A Mother of Four Works Three Jobs to Support Church and Family

Tiger, tiger, burning out: What is killing Russia's critically endangered Amur tigers? [an important story - expect at least one species of tiger to go extinct in your lifetime.]

Green Tech: How to Chose Cleaning Products without Dangerous Fragrances

Green Tech: Can You Invent a Better Way to Dry Clothes?

Fished out: Wildlife group objects as South Africa lifts abalone ban [as always, I'm the only American reporter covering this.]

What's a Hero Without a Sidekick? [a fun one]

From soup to tots: Breeding success for one of the world's rarest turtles

Green Tech: Three Reasons Why Casio's Green Slim Project is Cool

Found Today, Gone Tomorrow?: Gulf oil spill could wipe out newly discovered species

Which Country Has the Greenest Consumers?

Native Lands Could Hold Key to Energy Independence

Green Tech: Learn More About Solar this Saturday on SolarDay 2010

8 Ways to Inspire Re-Use in Your Community [very popular article. Reprinted by]

Deadly fungus spreads to ninth North American bat species

Green Tech: Greener Tires Could Save You 100 Dollars A Year in Fuel Costs

Another long-delayed book review: Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace volume 1

Green Tech: 12 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

South African gamblers smoke endangered vulture brains for luck

Green Tech: Download Your Software - It's the Greener Alternative

Maltese mystery: Naturalist and government disagree on extinction of Malta lizard


NASA, charity, oil spill, dead stuff & drawing - another big week for articles

Whoo boy, have I been writing a lot lately. Even beyond the big list of article links coming your way in a few seconds, I've also been busy with press releases, corporate newsletters, and a whole lot more.

But man, it's fun. Freelancing is a constant source of stress and good times. I never know what the next day is going to bring. (Oh, sure, I have a slight idea, but getting there is a journey in and of itself.)

Here are this week's article links. There are some doozies -- and a few stories about the stories besides.

NASA Seeks to INSPIRE Teens to Study Science and Technology [Neat program. If you have teenagers, or teach them, read this.]

Delisted and in danger: Gulf oil spill threatens pelicans months after they are dropped from endangered species list

Green Tech: Which Airline Lets You Fly the Greenest Skies?  [This was a popular one.]

Humane Society Donates 12 Tons of Pet Food to Gulf-Stricken Louisiana - [Holy cow, I did not expect the reaction to this one. Apparently, the right wing *hates* the Humane Society of the United States. I got tons of abusive, vitriolic email after this story appeared. Go figure!]

The Top 10 Spin-Off Characters of All Time - [Man, this was a lot of fun to research and write.]

Extinction Countdown: Threatened tortoises become tempting targets for thieves [Very sad one. You'll cry.]

Pick Up Your Pencil for Drawing Day this Saturday - [Oops, you missed it. But it was fun.]

Green Tech: HP Introduces Its Greenest Computer Yet
Green Tech: 43 Percent of Workers Expected to Telecommute by 2016

Irene Goodman: Literary Agent With an Ear for Words (and Charity)